Over-Come Your Addiction

While Continuing to Work

While Continuing to Be With Loved Ones

While Becoming You Again

Treatment For: Opioids, Alcohol, and Nicotine Dependence

Call Us at (321) 636-4357

We Often have Next Day Appointments

Over-Come Your Addiction

While Continuing to Work

While Continuing to Be With Loved Ones

While Becoming You Again

Treatment For:

Opioids, Alcohol, and Nicotine Dependency

Call Us at (321) 636-4357

We Often have Next Day Appointments

 Why Choose Bell Eve Treatment Center?

Asian and african women embracing giving psychological support during therapy

Zero Judgment

Take it from some of our clients

“they went above and beyond what any “dr. office” or a lot of families would do. They have a personable touch that made me feel comfortable then I found that I could stay clean while getting my life together.”

“When you talk, they listen”

“This establishment is absolutely 100% prejudice-free. Each member of staff, including the doctors you meet with, is respectful of your space and always maintains a perfect balance of professionalism and friendly behavior.”

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Serivce Offered

Suboxone, Subutex, Buprenorphine, Zubsolv, and Sublocade

We provide a compassionate and understanding approach to opioid dependence like oxycoiton, heroin, fentanyl, morphine through medication management.

Help you become free of all medications

An individualized tapering program that combines holistic and modern medical approaches designed to meet your unique needs. Begin when you feel prepared.

Individual and group counseling

Counseling services to support your recovery journey. Whether you prefer in-person sessions or virtual treatment options, we are here to accommodate your preferences and ensure your comfort.

Alcohol Dependence

In the United States, alcohol use disorder is the third leading preventable cause of death. One possible solution is the use of Vivitrol for alcohol.

Vivitrol is a long-acting once a month injectable form of naltrexone, a medication used to treat substance use disorders – alcohol use disorder (alcoholism). Vivitrol is used as part of a treatment program.


Nicotine Dependence

Nicotine in tobacco creates pleasurable sensations and distraction, leading to physical and emotional addiction. Withdrawal symptoms occur during quit attempts. Nicotine also impacts brain chemistry and emotions.

Quit-smoking options: nicotine replacement (patch, lozenge, gum, inhaler, spray) and pills (varenicline, bupropion SR).

Faith Based

Addiction can impact every aspect of your life. Addiction can have a profound and lasting effect, from your spiritual life to your family relationships. We understand the power of faith in helping individuals overcome substance use disorders.

Our patients can reclaim their story by bringing God’s grace, comfort, and healing into addiction treatment.

Other Highlights

24/7 Support

Opioid addiction does not have open and close times and neither do we. We can be reached 24/7,  by phone.

Treatment Of Pregnant Women

Maintaining women on opioid use disorder medications, like buprenorphine (Subutex), during pregnancy is now the standard practice in medicine, as it reduces risk to mother and baby.

Meeting and Support Groups

Having a feeling of belonging to something larger gives you a greater sense of purpose and direction. You will be challenged to not only attain your own clean goals, but also to assist other addicts in their path.

A Suboxone Doctor Near You

We are conveniently located in central Brevard County, including Titusville, Mims, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, and Melbourne.

Why does Suboxone make your feet and legs swell?

Why does Suboxone make your feet and legs swell?Have you noticed since starting Suboxone treatment that your ankles and feet seem to be a bit swollen? What does it mean? Could it be the Suboxone causing it?Swelling around the ankles is called edema. Edema is due to...

What’s the Difference Between Methadone and Suboxone?

What's the Difference Between Methadone and Suboxone?Methadone and Suboxone are medications that treat opioid addiction. Opioids are a type of drug that includes painkillers, heroin, and fentanyl. These drugs can reduce pain, especially from injuries or surgery. They...

Staying Sober on St.Patrick’s Day

3 Ways to Celebrate a Sober St.  Patrick’s DayTo most individuals, St. Patrick’s Day is respected as a time to grasp the soul of the Irish, celebrate fiercely, and of course, drink. That last part is particularly true in the common sense of the occasion, and numerous...

Let’s Start AND End 2021 Sober!

With the start of 2021 comes the opportunity to create a fresh start; to start new habits, make new goals, and manifest new patterns in our lives. For some of us that might mean eating healthier and working out more consistently. For some of us that might mean...

6 Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays

Staying sober during the holidays is not an easy feat. The holidays are a time full of joy and indulgence for some, while a time of stress and pain for others. For those battling substance abuse, both of these positions are dangerous. This year the stakes are even...

Alcoholism: 2020’s Second Pandemic

From face masks, to quarantining, to running out of hand sanitizer and soaps, COVID-19 has provided us with plenty of stressors; all of these stressors are even more heightened for those struggling with an addiction to alcohol. For people with alcoholism, the social...

The Need For Drama

You know that person in your life that just can’t seem to stay away from the drama? Whether they are in the middle of it or simply cheering it on from the sidelines, conflict and strife seem to just follow them wherever they go. Maybe you’ve noticed this pattern in...

6 Healthy Habits for Recovery

Addiction is an internally derived yet often extrinsically motivated, chronic need to satisfy an urge with a specific stimulus. Your body reads this brain’s chronic dysfunction as a problem that can only be solved by purging on whatever substance, activity, or other...

Exercise and Recovery

Did you know that building a fitness routine can actually improve your chances of achieving sobriety? Yes, we are serious! Exercise has actually proven to provide many benefits to not only your physical health journey but also your mental and emotional health as well....

Dangers of Social Media and Sobriety

While we all come from different backgrounds and engage in different cultural practices and beliefs, the vast majority of society is currently impacted by social media; this is the one common thread that so many of us are connected by. Today’s technological advances...

ADDICTION NO MORE... because at Bell Eve we believe in you!

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