Client Grievance


1. Go to

2. Enter Login 10061481  and Password Jollycomet  and click on the LOG IN button.


Bell Eve, Inc login to file a grievance

3. Mandatory fields include Date, Time, Location (if applicable), Name, Phone and Email. The Address fields are optional.

– If you want to file anonymously put N/A for name and for email.

  • Describe your complaint, providing as much detail as possible.
    Describe why you believe the action was wrongful, illegal, or unlawful.
  • Describe the resolution, or desired outcome, you are seeking.
  • To add witnesses, type in the name and click on the + symbol.

4. Enter a password that you may use to retrieve a response from your grievance officer.

5. Select Submit.

You will see a box that contains our company number and report number. You will need this information, along with the password you created, to retrieve a response from the grievance officer.

ADDICTION NO MORE... because at Bell Eve we believe in you!

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