Drug and Alcohol Assessments

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We provide to the courts, probation, employers, health care networks, physicians, attorneys, and other concerns that require Drug and Alcohol Assessments.

Evaluations are used to analyze one’s history of substance use. It gives a better idea of the general scenario a substance abuser is in. It can also guide those responsible to give the best solution to the problem.

When trying to know about someone’s struggle, an evaluation is the best way to get exact, accurate information. However, evaluations like these are done for a number of reaasons.

Some evaluations are done for medical purposes. Other evaluations are for court as well as other less common reasons. Still, before addressing the “why”, it is important to understand the “how”.

Often referred to as a BioPsychSocial, Biologicals, Psychological and Sociological, but in greater detail included with a urinalysis (UA), diagnosis and recommendation.

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Accredited by the Joint Commission

Accredited by the Joint Commission

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