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NAD+ Detox & Taper – Alcohol (ETOH) Detox – Suboxone Taper

Taper Medication

Alcohol (ETOH) Detox: Consists of a ten (10) day intravenous (IV) detox. Bill Wilson, the Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) wanted to be known for niacin therapy, reference

NAD+ is a co-enzyme of vitamin B3 (Niacin). NAD+ is in all 65 trillion of our bodies cells. NAD+ is the electron conduit for your energy cells (mitochondria). NAD+ when restored to proper levels resets the receptors in your brain, which significantly reduces and often eliminates withdrawals and cravings from alcohol.

Suboxone Taper: Medicating with Suboxone or other Buprenorphine medications is trading one drug for another.

Bell Eve ownership did not initially want to offer medication assistance due to conflicts with our faith-based charter. While ownership views on pharmaceutical drugs has not changed, there has been a recognition of the benefits of taking a wide range of people coming from various walks of life, away from street drugs that are cut with deadly contaminates, as a transitional step, with our suboxone clinic. NAD+ provides a means to end medication assistance treatment. NAD+ is only offered when you are ready to taper. Costs are consistent with self-pay medication assistance.

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BR+ NAD Treatment for Addiction

Accredited by the Joint Commission

Accredited by the Joint Commission

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